Huseynov Firudin Huseyn

Doctor of philological Sciences, professor, honored worker of science of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a prominent scientist in the field of russian studies.
In 1960 he graduated from the Institute named after M.F.Akhundov. The same year entered the postgraduate studies at the Moscow State University. From 1963 to 1965, he lectured at his Institute. From 1965 to 1990 he worked in the Azerbaijan State University senior lecturer
and head of the Department of the practical course of Russian language, chair of Russian linguistics, pro-rector. Since 1990 – head of the Institute of Russian language and literature named after M.F.Akhundov PhD since 1967, associate Professor since1972, Ph. D. 1979, Professor since 1983.One of the first doctors in the field of Russian studies in Azerbaijan. A recognized expert in the field of phraseology. His work on historical phraseology made an important contribution to science. Professor Huseynov F. G. is the author of over 50 scientific works, including: tutorial, «Russian language IX form for the Azerbaijan school» (1973) In collaboration with the professor M.T.Tagiyev, the monograph «Russian phraseology» (1976), tutorials, «Russian lan-Russian phraseology» (1976), tutorials, «Russian lan-Russian phraseology» (1976), tutorials, «Russian lan-Russian lan-Russian language -a dictionary reference for the Azerbaijani school» (1983) in collaboration with Professor
F.Y.Huseynova, textbook «Russian language» for X form of Azerbaijan school (1995) in collaboration, the program in Russian language for I-XI forms Azerbaijan schools (1992) in collaboration.

The book by the professor Huseynov «Russian phraseology» in due time received a high rating in the magazine «Russian language in school» № 6, 1978, Moscow. Professor F.G.Huseynov made an important contribution in the formation of the new programs and textbooks in the Russianlanguage. Due to the proposed Lingvo-methodical bases of the description of the Russian language as a foreign language, content and objective of the course was the study of the speech, not the grammatical system. Created under his leadership, the programs were written for textbooks, greatly contributing to the development of language skills. On his initiative, 1990–1993 created and operate the new program in all subjects taught at the Institute subjects. Under the direction of Professor F. G. Huseynov was made 6 master›s and doctoral dissertations. I n 1985 on a voluntary basis was established The Sector of phraseological dictionary of the Azerbaijani language, which successfully continues its work. He was the member of special Council for doctoral dissertations, from 1992 to 1993 – Chairman of the Board for PhD dissertations. Since 1995 member of the Specialized Council for doctoral dissertations at the Institute of linguistics named after I.Nasimi AN the republic of Azerbaijan.

Professor F.G.Huseynov, science editor «Russian-Azerbaijani phraseological dictionary», editorial Board member, «Azerbaijani-Russian dictionary». In 80th consisted in the methodical council in the Russian language at the Ministry of education of the USSR. In those years was the head of Educational-methodical Council in the Russian language under the Ministry of education of Azerbaijan SSR. For many years he was a member of the editorial Board of the magazine «Russian language and literature in Azerbaijan school». He lectures courses on historical lexicology, phraseology and linguistic-methodical foundations of the description of the Russian language as non-native.