The Student Scientific Society is an organization created to expand an interest in science of the students and masters of Baku Slavic University, ensure the participation in conferences and to bring out their creative abilities. The purpose of the Student Scientific Society is to attract students and masters in science, to discover their talents in this field, to ensure their participation in conferences. The chairman of the Student Scientific Society appoints two deputy chairmen of the members and five members appointed by the faculty.                                                                                                                                                            The Student Scientific Society performs the following tasks:
• Hold National and international students, masters, students, scientific- practical conferences;
• Provide the discovery of the students and masters who are interested in science with conferences;
• Provides to publish students and masters` thesises in the collections;
• Establish a relationship with higher education institutions to attract the students and masters of other higher education institutions and ensure students’ and masters` participation in conferences held in BSU
• Ensure the participation of the students and masters of BSU in the international scientific-practical conference held in other higher education institutions.
     The Student Scientific Society has the following rights:
• To participate in preparation of documents and materials in connection with the activities of the student Scientific Society;
• To send invitations to other higher education institutions for the participation in the students and masters scientific-practical conferences;
• To send an appeal for the participation of the students and masters of BSU in scientific-practical conferences held in other highereducation institutions
• To make suggestions and recommendations about official thanks and awards announcement of the youth distinguished in the event of the BSU Student Scientific Society