International Relations

     Internationalization has always been considered as one of the most important values in the development strategy of Baku Slavic University since its foundation in 2000. BSU has created fruitful relations and started cooperation with many forefront
educational and academic centers in foreign countries. International cooperation of BSU is based on international agreements and includes various exchange programs for teaching staff and students, joint academic researches, international conferences, symposiums, seminars, professional retrainings for both students and specialists, information exchange, and the exchange of scientific and methodical literature.
Well-known state leaders, social and political men are the Honorary Doctors of Baku Slavic University:
• The President of the Russian Federation – V. V. Putin
• The deputy of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the fraction «Spravedlivaya Russia» – S.M.Mironov
• The states man and political figure of the Ukraine – V.A.Yuhsenko
• The states man and political figure of the Republic of Bulgaria – G.Pirvanov
• The chairman of the Parliament of the Ukraine (2000-2002) V.S. Plyush
• The Ex-President of the Republic of Greece (1995-2005) C.Stephanopulos
• Ex-President of the Republic of Greece (2005-2015) –K.Papulyas
• President of the Republic of Belorussia– A.Q,Lukoshenko
• The Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation – S.E.Narishkin
• The member of presidium of Bosnia Hersogovina – M.İvanich
The University has established very close relations with the respected Higher Educational Institutions of Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, France, Turkey, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania and other countries.
BSU is also a member of a number of international organizations, such as:
• Magna Charta Universitatum;
• Black Sea Universities Network;
• The Board of the Education and Methodic Council of the Higher Education
• Institutions of the Russian Federation on «Region Studies» and «International Relations»;
• CIS Network University
• The Association of Caucasian Universities
Students of BSU are provided with the opportunity to continue their education in European and CIS countries. Our masters and students regularly study at Summer Schools and participate in seminars organized by the Center for East European studies of the University of Warsaw (Poland), conferences and students actions held by Moscow Municipal Pedagogical University, Moscow State Linguistic University (Russia), Poltava University of Economics and Trade and other partner universities. A more active mutual student exchange program is realized with Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland), the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), Tuebingen University (Germany). BSU students take language courses in the Universities of the Ukraine, Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and others.
Academic staff exchange is also very active. Teachers from all over the world Universities, such as from Turkey, Poland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Universities of CIS countries, the USA, etc. deliver lectures and give master classes at Baku Slavic University, and the professors of BSU also deliver lectures at the leading universities of Turkey (Caucasus), the Russian Federation (Moscow State Linguistic University), Poland (Warsaw University), France (INALCO), Germany (Johannes Bakı Slavyan Universiteti – 70 257
Gutenberg University-Mainz, Vursburq University), the USA (Columbia University, the University of Michigan, the University of Wisconsin-Madison) etc.
Students from different countries of the world take short-term or long-term courses at the faculties of BSU and study at Summer school which provides courses on Azerbaijani-studies, Caucasian studies, Turkic studies and Russian studies for the students of the overseas universities (Germany, USA, Poland, Turkey and so on). Students from Turkey, China, Russia, S. Korea, Georgia, Pakistan, Estonia and other countries study fulltime at BSU.
BSU is an active participant of several international projects:
• BSU- Support Project to the development of journalism training in Azerbaijan
• TEMPUS programme on the project Curriculum Development and Capacity
Building in the field of EU Studies (CURDEUS)
• Movlana – the student exchange program
Our university conducts a number of international research projects on the publication of joint scientific journals, organizing conferences, symposiums, etc. One of the most significant joint research projects realized by BSU is «Westand Eastin the Medieval epics «The Song ofthe Nibelungs» and «Kitabi Dede Gorgud»» with Johannes Gutenberg University-Mainz and Oswald von Wolkenstain Gesselschaft. The project includes organizing of international conferences and symposiums on the related theme and subsequent publication of the materials.
The representatives of foreign countries accredited to Azerbaijan, such as, Ambassadors, politicians, scientists, as well as, the representatives of culture are regularly invited to participate in the meetings of the «AMBASSADORIAL HOUR» CLUB functioning at BSU since 2000. As a tradition the guests present on various subjects related to the culture, history, economy, international relations, and policy of their states.
There are a number of cultural-educational centers at BSU:
• The Centre of Russian Education and Culture
• The Centre of Ukrainian Education and Culture
• The Centre of Turkish investigations
• The Centre of Modern Greek language and Culture
• The Centre of the Bulgarian language and Culture
• The Centre of the Belorussian Language and Culture
• The Centre of the Polish Language and Culture
• The Centre of German education and culture named after Vilhelm fon Humboldt
• The Centre of the French Language and Culture named after Victor Hugo
• The Centre of the Czech language and Culture
Office of the Azerbaijan English Language Teachers’ Association (AZETA) and Azerbaijan German Language Teachers’ Association are also functioning at the University.
The Project «Development of Azerbaijani studies abroad» is one of the priority directions of the international activity of Baku Slavic University. Within the frameworks of the cooperation agreements BSU actively promotes the knowledge about the Azerbai-BSU actively promotes the knowledge about the Azerbaijani language, literature, culture, history. BSU has initiated a number of projects on Azerbaijan studies with the Higher Education Institutions of foreign countries. Within the projects the Cultural-educational centres of the Azerbaijani language are opened abroad, BSU directs materials on the literature, history, and policy of Azerbaijan to the Universities abroad where the teaching of Azerbaijan studies is conducted.
The Centres are supplied with the up-to-date equipments, wide range of books on the Azerbaijani history, culture, audio-video materials and national souvenirs.

The main priorities of the Centres of the Azerbaijani language and culture are the teaching of the Azerbaijani language and the promotion of Azerbaijan studies.
The activity of the Centres is carried out in educational and cultural directions. Within the educational direction study and teaching manuals, programs on the Azerbaijani language are being prepared in the Centres.Meetings with the outstanding representatives of Azerbaijan culture and science, public figures, the presentations on the creativity of the Azerbaijan writers, poets, celebration of national holidays and commemorations of the remarkable events in the history of Azerbaijan are regularly organized at the Centres.
The Centres of the Azerbaijani Language and Culture functioning abroad:
• Centre of the Azerbaijani Language and Culture at Moscow State Linguistic University
• Centre of the Azerbaijani Language and Culture at Belarusian State Pedagogi-Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after M.Tank
• Azerbaijani Cultural-Educational Center at Poltava University of Economics and Trade
• Centre of the Azerbaijani Language and Culture at Kiev National Linguistic University
• Centre of the Azerbaijani Language and Culture at Sofia Universitty named after St.Kliment Ohridski
• Centre of the Azerbaijani Language and Culture at Ural Federal University