The Socio-psychological service center


   The Center of «Socio-psychological services»was organized on the basis of the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology and approved at the joint session of the Academic Council and University Administration dated April 28, 2015 (Protocol No. 4)

            The lack of psychological knowledge in a person, the lack of a psychological culture very often becomes the cause of various intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts. Psychological service is an integral part of any modern educational system.

   Its main goal in the university is to promote the professional development and personal growth of students, to ensure the psychological security of students, to support and strengthen their mental health, to create favorable socio-psychological and psychological-pedagogical conditions for educational activities.

The main tasks of the Service are:

  • increasing the stress-resistance and psychological culture of students in the field of training and interpersonal communication;

  • help in creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and mutual respect, a favorable microclimate, overcoming conflicts in the training community;

  • help in preventing possible emotional and mental crisis among university students;

  • psychological help in timely adaptation to the changing socio-psychological conditions of life.

Psychological service (center) is created on the basis of the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology of the University. The work of the Service is supposed in the mode of accompanying the educational process of the university.

Main activities:

  • psychological diagnosis,

  • psycho prophylaxis;

  • Individual counseling of students:

The main principles of organization and functioning of the psychological service of the university are:

  • compliance of its activities with the main modern principles of higher education - democratization, humanization, personal activity, ethical and psychohygienic norms;

  • ensuring the unity of the scientific, applied and practical aspects of its activities in the university;

  • ensuring the implementation of diagnostic, prognostic and management functions in relation to all subjects of the university and the system of higher education;

  • ensuring the leading role of the university in the whole system of continuing education, in the economic and cultural life of the region.


Commencement of the project: «Actual problems in practical psychology» under «The Socio-psychological service center».

Aim: The student 's empathy, the excitement of new experiences in practical psychology.

In the frames of the project it is planned to organize thematic workshops:

  • "Basics of EMDR therapy"

  • Gestalt therapy

  • Cognitive therapy

  • Art Therapy

Arrangementsorganizing by"Socio-psychological service center":

22.10.15 - Assoc. GasanovaGulnara "Psychology of communication" - seminar-training.

 02.11.15. JafarovGeidar - «Improvement of the content of education with valeological and didactic factors".

19.11.15 - RamilNajafli - "Breathing techniques"

04.12.15 - BabekBairamov - "NLP - Technology for Success and Prosperity!"

24.11.16 - AbbasovParviz "Treatment of obesity"

04.12.16. - Seminar on topic: «Hepatitis» - AgakisiyevAgil

15.04.16 - Organization and implementation of flash-mob and training seminar on topic «Students of  BSU for a healthy lifestyle" - the teacher. KhalilovaAibeniz

24.06.17 - The event, organized jointly by the Center of  «Sağlamgələcəkmərkəzi » on the theme: «Actual problems of the modern family».

26.10. 17th Scientific and Practical Seminar "Actual Problems of Modern Psychology"

05.03.18 – Mamed-Zade Suleiman is a psychotherapist. The topic of the seminar is "Fundamentals of EMDR Therapy"