BSU representatives took part in Forum II of Slavic Universities


     On April 26-28, 2017, Baku Slavic University was represented with delegation in Forum II of Slavic Universities with the organization of Slavic University of the Republic of Moldova in Chisinau and financial support of Interstate Humanitarian Cooperation Foundation (IHCF). Along with Slavic Universities, representatives of a number of leading universities in Russia, corresponding bodies of Moldova, as well as Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Moldova Qudsi Osmanov participated in the event.

     It should be noted that the main aim of holding the event consists of being attracted to education, “Network University”, as well as dual diploma projects fulfilled in the Union area of Slavic Universities functioning at CIS, providing information exchange regularly among Slavic Universities, realization of teacher and student exchange programs, determining prospects of these Universities appropriate to condition of countries where they function etc.

     Vice rector for Academic affairs, professor Telman Jafarov made a speech in the plenary  session,  gave information about projects and reforms implemented in the institution of higher education which he represents according to “State Strategy on development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan”, spoke about the role and importance of Baku Slavic University in condition where education of the Russian language expands in the country, and  as well as  political-diplomatic, humanitarian relations and cooperation  strengthen  between Eastern Europe, Balkan countries, Greek-Slavic world and Azerbaijan.

     Dean of the Pedagogical faculty, editor-in-chief of  journal “The Russian language and literature in Azerbaijan”, professor Flora Najiyeva who made a speech in the round table entitled “Today’s high quality education is tomorrow’s educated elite” spoke about training programs  and experience on different specialties in BSU, projects related to joint scientific publications with foreign Universities, peculiarities of teaching in the specialty “ Foreign language teaching (the Russian language)”, gave information on organization of speaking courses.

     Third year student of faculty of International Relations and Regional studies, chairman of faculty SSS  (Student Scientific Society) Sugra Miralayeva was active in the competitions organized on various nominations, made a speech in the "Sputnik Moldova" TV and Radio Company and Press Conference on behalf of the students who participate in the forum.

     Azerbaijani representatives were awarded diplomas and gifts in the Closing ceremony held in the building of Bureau of Interethnic Relations in the Republic of Moldova. 

BSU Press Service