Masters of BSU in the Genocide Memorial Museum

     On March 31, an excursion for masters of BSU was organized to the Genocide Memorial Museum established in the administrative building of the Military Prosecutor's Office for studying historical facts more closely, drawing attention to the disasters committed at that time by our nasty neighbors and their supporters.

     While touring the museum it was stated that Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev had an irreplaceable role in the international recognition of regularly ethnic cleansing and genocide against Azerbaijanis by Armenian nationalists as a result of Armenia's aggressive policy in the period of threat for the existence of Azerbaijan as an independent state, restoration of historical justice about Khojaly genocide and other crimes committed by Armenians against our people, involving Armenian aggressors to justice and conveying  all the truth to the international community.

     At the same time it was mentioned significant importance of “Justice for Khojaly!” international campaign initiated by Leyla Aliyeva, Vice President of Heydar Aliyev Fund for conveying truth about Azerbaijan to the international community.

     Teenagers and the young got acquainted with the exposition of the museum, historical documents displayed here, photos and video materials, genocide committed against our people, deportation, rich fund consisting of foreign and local authors’ books on war crimes, also watched video "The tragedy of the century".


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