At the Azerbaijan Pedagogical University of the Russian languages named after M.F.Akhundov postgraduate school was organized in 1962 by the Ministry of high and secondary special education. With the decision of cabinet of ministers number 129 from the 1st July 2010 the Doctorate school was organized at the Baku Slavic University. Since 2011 the acceptance to the doctorate degree on the program of philosophy doctor and doctor of sciences at the BSU has been carried out according to the above mentioned decree. 414 researchers are studying at doctorate and PhD department at the present moment. 34 doctorates and 16 candidates study the doctor of philosophy on the program. For many years citizens of Azerbaijan have been studying together with the foreign citizens from different countries such as Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Iran. 15 foreign citizens are study at the doctorate department at the present moment. The number of researchers asserting their dissertations in different years is 201. Today 38 postgraduates, 120 candidates and 43 researchers work on their doctorate dissertation. The research works are carried out on below mentioned specialities at BSU
5706.01 – Azerbaijani language
5716.01 – Azerbaijan literature
5718.01 – World literature
5707.01 – Slavic languages
5710.01 – Turkish languages
5714.01 – Comparative historical- comparative typological linguistics
5715.01 – Theory of literature
5720.01 – Journalism
5801.01 – Theory and methods of teaching and upbringing
5804.01 – General pedagogy the history of pedagogy and education
5901.01 – International relations
6104.01 – Pedagogical Psychology
6107.01 – General Psychology
Bakı Slavyan Universiteti – 70 155
6111.01 – Psychology of Personality
6303.01 – General Sociology

     Meetings with prominent scientists, doctorates and candidates are regularly held at the Baku Slavic University. Young researchers take an active part at the conferences held in our republic and abroad.