The BSU has library started functioning since 1946. The library of 530,000 volumes provides rich support for graduate study and research. The library has four sections:
– section of collection and scientific technical processing of books;
– reference and bibliographical section;
– textbook section;
– section of scientific literature and fiction.
     There are two reading rooms and a journal fund at the library. Besides, Greek literature room is functioning in the library. The expert librarians of BSU teaching staff provide support for students, graduates, post graduates, candidates for the master’s degree, and other groups of readers.
     There is mainly a large collection of books in Art subjects. As the university profile has been considerably extended recently, special attention is given to the significance of books in different fields of study.
     The library has created the bibliography of the works by the university staff published during the period 2000-2005. Since 2004 the library of BSU has become the member of “The Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium” and is eligible to make use of foreign journals through the Internet. The library holds exhibitions and meeting dedicated to special events and historical
dates on a regular basis.