Welcomes you to attend International Scientific and Practical Conference on "Philological Sciences in the Context of Innovative Research" which will be held on December 24, 2020. 

The conference is designed to provide a wide exchange of modern scientific achievements, concepts on topical issues in the development of science.



1.Philological sciences

2. Social sciences

3. Foreign Languages and their Methods of Teaching 

4. Pedagogical and Psychological sciences

Working languages of the conference: Azerbaijani, Russian, English.

Conference schedule:

Deadline for submission of scientific materials

until November 20, 2020



Information on acceptance of materials

until November 25, 2020






Requirements for articles:

The volume of the article is 3 - 5 A4 pages

Font: size - 14, type: Times New Roman

Page format: A4 (210x297 mm),

Paragraph -1, 25 cm, margins (top, bottom, left, right) - 2 cm;

Line spacing - 1.5

Sequence of article data submission :

1. Name, patronymic and surname of the author (s).

2. Academic degree and title

3. Place of work (institution), city, country, email address, contact number

4. Title of the work (in capital letters)

5. Abstract (no more than 500 characters) (in English)

6. Footnotes should be indicated in square brackets. Sample: [1, p. 54]

6. Keywords (5-7 words) (in Azerbaijani, Russian, English)

7. Text of the article

8. List of used literature

                                CONFERENCE MATERIALS

Those wishing to take part in the conference should send the following materials to, inclusively ,until November 20, 2020:

1.Conference participant questionnaire

2. An article drawn up in accordance with the requirements and sample;


Upon receiving the materials, the Organizing Committee reviews the materials and, within 2 working days, sends a letter to the author's email address confirming the acceptance of the materials, or indicating the need to make changes. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject materials submitted in violation of the established requirements, or not containing sufficient scientific novelty.


Following the results of the conference, the certificate of attendance will be sent to all participants. 

For organizational issues , you can contact the following address: Republic of Azerbaijan / Baku city, Baku Slavic University (II building), Nasimi district, 

st. Shamil Azizbeyli 102. Tel: +994125952820