Hajiyev Asif Abbas

Asif Abbas oghlu Hajiyev- rector of Baku Slavic University (2014-2016), literary critic, folklorist, Ph.D, professor, member ofthe Azerbaijan Writers’ Union. Asif Hajiyev was born in 3 april 1960, in Georgia SSR city Saravan of Borchali province. He graduated from school number 246 in 1977, and philology faculty of Baku State University with honor diploma in 1982. In 1982–1986s he worked at the military lyceum named J.Nakhchivanski as a platoon com-.Nakhchivanski as a platoon com-- mander. He began to work as a teacher in the institute of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Russian Language and Literature named M.F.Akhundov, since 1986.

He worked as a teacher and docent at the chair of History of Russian Literature. Since 1992, he worked at the of Theory of Literature and has been department professor. He guided seminars and lectures about the subjects of entrance to literature, the theory of literature, the history of Russian literary criticism, poetics, the history and methodology of literature. He defended his dissertation in 1987 and doctoral dissertation in 1998. From May 2000 to March 2014 he has been vice-rector for Academic Affairs in Baku Slavic University. Asif Hajiyev studies theory of literature, poetics of Turkish folklore, historical poetics, modern literature, mythology and folklorism, deals with translations, performs with his literarycritical articles at the press. Gathering, studying and publishing of Borchali and Akhiskaturks’ folklore take an important part at his scientific activity. Since 1986 he deals with the gathering of Borchali and Akhiskaturks’ folklore. His books whichc dedicated to mythology , folklore, ethnic history and ethnoghraphy of Akhiskaturks were appreciated as the first high works about the branch of turkology.His books and articles consist of searchs and gathering folklore and ethnographic materials were published in Azerbaijan and Turkey.

His works were published in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia and etc. He is author approximately 200 scientific works, also mographies and textbooks. He is a scientific-editor, advicer, reviewer of more than 50 monographies, scientific journals and textbooks. He has been opponent of about 30 dissertations and has been the scientific director of some doctorates. With the decision of Scientific Council of Moscow Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute dated 26.09.2006, Asif Hajiyev was given Honorary Professor title of this institute.

He was awarded with the badge of honor of Rossotrudnicestva’s «Friendship and Cooperation» (2014) , «Devotion to name Teacher»medal devoted to 10 year’s of international pedagogical community support to Russian language (2014) , the A.S.Pushkin medal of Russian Federation
(2014). He is the member of Scientific Council of Caucasus Universities Union. He has been a chairman of ANSA Folklore scientific-theoretical seminar, member of dissertation councils under ANSA’s Literature Institute named Nizami and BSU,member of Expert Councilover Higher Attestation Commission by the President of Azerbaijan Republic He is also the member of problematic council on the Folklore under ANSA’s Folklore Institute. Since November 2011 he is the chairman of D.02.071 dissertation council that organized defence of introduced dissertation for getting academic degree of Doctor of Science and Ph.D under BSU.