Abdullayev Kamal Mehdi

Public Adviser of the Azerbaijan Republic for International, Multiculturalism and Religious Issues. Doctor of Philology, Professor, honored scientist, real member of ANAS, Chairman of the Azerbaijan Fund of Creation, former Rector of Baku Slavic University (2000-2014), linguist, literary critic, member of the Trustees’ Council of the Knowledge Fund under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic (since July 18, 2014), Chairman of the Trustees Council of Baku International Multiculturalism Center.

He was born in an employee family in Baku on December 4 in 1950. He finished the secondary school №. 190 in Baku in 1968. Studied in the Faculty of Philology of the Azerbaijan State University in the 1968–1973s. He was a full-time post-graduate student of the Department of Turkish Languages of the Institute of Linguistics of the USSR AS in the 1973–1976s. He defended his candidacy dissertation named «Syntactic parallelism» (on the basis of epos «Kitabi Dede Gorgud») in Moscow in January 1977. In 1984 he defended his doctor’s dissertation named «Theoretical problems of the syntax of the Azerbaijani language» in Baku. He is the author of the books on linguistics, such as «Проблемы
синтаксиса простого предложения в азербайджанском языке» (Баку,простого предложения в азербайджанском языке» (Баку, предложения в азербайджанском языке» (Баку,предложения в азербайджанском языке» (Баку, в азербайджанском языке» (Баку,в азербайджанском языке» (Баку, азербайджанском языке» (Баку,азербайджанском языке» (Баку, языке» (Баку,языке» (Баку,» (Баку,» (Баку,,�лм, 1983). («Theo-лм, 1983). («Theo-, 1983). («Theo-, 1983). («Theoretical problems of syntax of simple sentence in the Azerbaijani language»), «Theoretical problems of syntax of the Azerbaijani language» (Baku, Maarif, 1999), «Complex syntactic units in the Azerbaijani language», «Russian language in Azerbaijan», «Travel to Linguistics or linguistics for non-linguists», «Let’s speak Azerbaijani» (Paris 2008 and Bucharest 2010). His books called «Author – work – reader» (Baku, Yazici, 1985), «Evvel – axir yazilanlar» (First – last writings) (Baku, Yazici 1990), «Yolun evveli ve axiri» (Beginning and end of the road) (Baku, Azerbaijan State Publishing House, 1993) and «300 Azerbaycanli» (300 Azerbaijanis) (Baku, Mutercim, 2007) on literature and literary criticism are dedicated to the problematic aspects of the world literature, and unseen sides of the old and modern literary process are lightened. He wrote and got published the books called «Gizli Dede Qorqud» (Secret Dede Gorgud) (1991), «Sirr ichinde dastan ve yaxud Gizli Dede Qorqud – 2» (Magic epos or Secret Dede Gorgud – 2) (Baku, Elm, 1999), «Mifden Yaziya – Gizli Dede Qorqud», «From Myth to Writing – Secret Dede Gorgud» on Gorgud studies.His book (together with Acad. A.Mirzajanzadeh) called «Лекции в Бакинском славян- в Бакинском славян-в Бакинском славян- Бакинском славян-Бакинском славян- славянском университете» (Lectures in Baku Slavic University) (Baku, Mutercim, 2003) is devoted to literature and poetic issues.

His book (together with Prof. I.Hamidov) called «Russian language in Azerbaijan» (Baku,Mutercim, 2005) is dedicated to history of use of the Russian language in Azerbaijan, its modern status and prospects. He is the author of more than 200 articles, more than 20 textbooks aids and monographs.

He is engaged in artistic creation – his plays, stories, novels, essays and poems are published in Azerbaijan and foreign countries. Kamal Abdulla is the author of «Yarimciq elyazma» (Incomplete manuscript), «Sehrbazlar deresi» (Valley of magicians), «Unutmaga kimse yox…» (No one to forget) collection of plays, poems and stories. A number of his books of dramatic works have been published in Azerbaijani, Russian and Turkish languages: «Unutmaga kimse yox…» (No one to forget) (Baku, Azerne-a kimse yox…» (No one to forget) (Baku, Azerne-a kimse yox…» (No one to forget) (Baku, Azerneshr, 1995), «Ruh» (Soul) (Baku, Azerneshr, 1997), «Casus» (Spy) (Baku, Mutercim, 2004), «Ruh» (Soul) (Ankara), «Все мои печали» (All of my griefs) (Baku, Mutercim, 2009) etc.

He is the author of «Gumush dovrun sirleri» (Secrets of silver time) collection of translations (Baku, Mutercim, 2001). He collected 5 plays in his book of plays named «Unutmaga kimse yox» (No one to forget) (Baku, Azerneshr, 1995). His 7 plays have been printed in his book of plays «Ruh» (Soul) (Baku, Azerneshr, 1997), «Все мои печали» (All of my griefs) (Baku, Muter- мои печали» (All of my griefs) (Baku, Muter-мои печали» (All of my griefs) (Baku, Muter- печали» (All of my griefs) (Baku, Muter-печали» (All of my griefs) (Baku, Muter-» (All of my griefs) (Baku, Mutercim, 2009). The book was also published in Turkey as named «Ruh» (Ankara, Basinevi, 2006).

His book called «Qeribedi, deyilmi?!» (Strange, isn’t it?!) (Baku, printing house of BSU, 1998) covers a part of his poems. His selected translations from the poets of the Russian poetry of the silver time are collected in his book named «Gumush dovrun sirleri» (Secrets of the silver time) (Baku, Mutercim, 2001). In his book named «Kederli sechmeler» (Sorrowful selections) (Baku, Mutercim, 2002), his essays, poems, stories, translations, plays etc. have been published.

He was appointed to be a Rector for the newly organized Baku Slavic University by the Order of the President Heydar Aliyev in June 2000. He worked in this position till February 28, 2014. In the time of his administration the new specialties, faculties, departments, scientific laboratories and educational-cultural centers were opened in the university, and international relations of the University were sufficiently extended.