Sultanzade Farida Teymur

In 1951 he graduated from the philological faculty of Azerbaijan state University. Since 1952 – teacher of the Russian language Department of Azerbaijan state University; since 1962, postgraduate student, Rostov State University; in 1969, Secretary of the party Committee; from
1973 to 1982-head the Chair of Russian language ASU named. M. F. Akhundov.

F.T.Sultanzade – candidate of philological Sciences since 1970, and since 1972 – associate Professor. The author of the thesis «Forms of nominal declension according to «Don» (on material military backs the first half of XVII century)». She is co-author of the textbook «Russian language in Azerbaijan» (co-authored with T. Efendiyev), 1980; some topical segmentation and classification difficult-subordinate sentences» (co-authored with E.Mamedov), 1984; «Russian syntax in comparison with Azerbaijan», 1985. He was awarded medals «For labor valor», «Veteran of labor».