The Chair of theory of literature has been functioning since 1989. The Chair of World Literature has been functioning since 1990. On February 2016 these two chairs were joined and reconstructed as «Theory of Literature and world literature».
     Scientific direction: the main direction of the chair is to research theory of literature, literary critic, history of literature and their critic issues, to prepare academicmethodic issues regarding text-books for the students.
     The following subjects are taught at Bachelor and Master degree: «Theory of literature», «History and criticism of literature», «History of literary criticism», «Practical work on literature», «Poetics», «Ancient literature», «Renaissance literature», «17th and-18th Century world literature», «19th Century world literature», «20th Century world literarure», «Ukraine literature», «English literature», «Modern literature», «Literature of European countries», «Ancient and Renaissance literature», «Modern problems of history and criticism of literature», «Methodology and history of literature», «Scientific analysis of work of art», «Genre variety of modern dramatic art», «Traditions and innovations in literary process», «History of the beginning of Russian prose in Azerbaijan», «Origins of aesthetic and theoretical cogitation», «Poetics of art work», «Traditions and innovation in literary process», «PComparative Literature studies».