The chair was founded in 1946 and operated at various times operated under different names. Chair of Russian Language and Intercultural Communication was founded in 2016 on the basis of pre-existing departments of the Russian language and Russian language and its teaching methodology.
     Research fields:
Teaching methods of Russian as a foreign language in Azerbaijani schools;
Teaching methods of Russian as a foreign language in high school;
Culture-oriented linguistics;
Improvement of speech and teaching practice;
     Preparation of teaching materials for students of secondary schools and a new generation of students of the Republic;
     Development of scientific bases of teaching of the Russian language in all faculties;
     Methodical and didactic supporting to the educational process.
     The following subjects are taught at Bachelor and Master degree: «Reading and speech-language skills of specialty», «Practical Russian», «Teaching methods of Russian language, Fundamentals of curriculum», «Culture-oriented linguistics», «Teaching methods of the native language (Russian language)», «Academic Reading and Writing», «Listening skills of understanding and speech language of specialty», «Reading skills of understanding and written language of specialty», «Culture-oriented linguistics and intercultural communication», «Theoretical course of the Russian language I –II», «Theoretical course basic language», «II Foreign Language I – II – II», «Listening skills of understanding and speech of basic language», «Reading skills of understanding and writing of basic language», «Written understanding and written expression», «Oral understanding and oral expression», «Phonetics of the Russian language», «The vocabulary of the Russian language», «Morphology of the Russian language», «The syntax of the Russian language», «The development of speech», «Scientific style of speech», «Modern problems of methodology», «Research of objectives and implementation methods of the native language», «Theoretical bases of teaching on the mother tongue in primary school», «Tasks of the use of technology in the teaching of Russian language and literature», «Criteria standards of teaching and estimation of knowledge of students in the subjects of Russian language and literature».