There was a demonstration of a documentary film "Do not shoot at our heritage" at BSU


     On November 23, Baku Slavic University hosted a presentation of a new documentary titled "Do not fire our heritage" by the honored journalist, director of the Department of Journalism, Shalala Hasanova. The film was first presented at the Faculty of Philology and Foreign Language Teaching at BSU.

      Deputy Dean of the faculty Sevinj Musayeva informed the participants about the activities of the Associate Professor Shalala Hasanova. She noted that Hasanova is one of the three founders of the Peace Platform, established between Azerbaijan and Armenia, as the chairman of the Public Union for Supporting Public Relations Development and an active representative of the country's civil sector. S. Musayeva said: "She has been active participant of information wars in the direction of revealing Armenian lies for many years. Numerous articles and interviews have been published on leading websites in this regard, in a number of newspapers. She is also the founder and leader of and ".

     Musayeva said that Shealala Hasanova is the author of 10 feature films, saying that she has "500 years of age", "Trace of the first Christian state", "Trace of Azerbaijanis in Yerevan", "No Ararat", "American experts "The Armenian genocide", "Kesab game", "Surprise from Pushkin", "The Armenians' Migration Chronology of the Caucasus" and other films were presented in Latvia, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine and became popular in social networks shortly afterwards.

      Then the film "Do not fire our heritage" was shown.

     After the show, honored journalist Shalala Hasanova shared her impressions. He noted that the documentary was recently presented in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Hasanova said: "This film has been published on social networks in Azerbaijani, Russian and German languages. The film is based on the principles of the "Peace Platform". These are the elimination of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the destruction of the enemy image and the search for internal peace. " Saying that the film will soon be translated into English, Hasanova appealed to young people to be active in the information war against Armenians.

     Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Foreign Language Teaching, Professor Ilyas Hamidov, Head of the Department of Russian Language and Teaching Methods Aida Shahbazova gave a positive feedback on the film "Do not fire our heritage". The actors rated the film as important evidence against the Armenian invaders trying to erase the historical facts of Azerbaijan.

     The documentary "Let's not shoot at our heritage" was shown at the Azerbaijan Philology and Journalism Faculty.

     Dean of the faculty, associate professor Nurida Novruzova and chief teacher of the journalism department Ahmed Asker condemned the vandalism movements of the Armenians, destroying the historical monuments, culture and ancient mosques of Azerbaijan, saying that the film was based on historical documents reflecting Armenian vandalism.

BSU Press Service