"My biggest wish is to become martyr for the sake of Motherland"

     Documentary film "Arzusuna çatan bəy" dealing with Penjeli Teymurov’s life who became martyr while preventing enemy provocation at April battles was shot. Penjeli Teymurov with “Old wolf” nickname was a warrant officer of Special Forces. The aim of making film is to reach the desire that he expressed in his wedding – “My biggest wish is to become martyr”. Singer Manaf Agayev who participated in the wedding spoke about it. At the same time T.Penjeli’s way of life, memories of parents, uncles, brothers, teachers, friends and others who know him were reflected in the film. Essential shootings of film were taken in the Azarud village of Astara where he grew up. Scriptwriter of the film is Samir Shirvanzade, producer is Nurlan Melikzade.

 Documentary film "Arzusuna çatan bəy" devoted to Penjeli Teymurov’s life.


 Azada Bayramova