BSU delegation in the Azerbaijani language and Cultural Center functioning at Sophia State University



      The delegation led by the rector of Baku Slavic University (BSU), professor Nurlana Aliyeva was the guest of the Azerbaijani language and Cultural Center functioning at Sophia University named after St. Kliment Ohrisdki. The delegation met with director of the Eastern languages and Cultural center of University, professor Alexander Fedotov. A.Fedotov  who is fluent in the Eastern languages spoke about his love to Eastern countries including Azerbaijan. Expressing his wish to see Nakhchivan , director of the center highlighted his plan to visit country like Azerbaijan which highly appreciates multiculturalism  and the values of tolerance in the near future. He noted that the Azerbaijani language and Cultural Center founded by Baku Slavic University provides great opportunities for Bulgarian students to learn the Azerbaijani language, culture and history.

     Director of the Azerbaijani language and Cultural Center in the Sophia State University Sofia Shigayeva informed about the activities done in the direction of promoting Azerbaijani culture, national values, historical facts to the Bulgarian teachers and students in the center run by her. S.Shigayeva stated that the subject of Azerbaijani multiculturalism is taught at Sophia University. She particularly noted interest of Bulgarian students in learning the Azerbaijani language.

     Rector, professor Nurlana Aliyeva explained the reason of BSU delegation’s visit to Bulgaria on the eve of Novruz holiday, gave information about events that took place in Bulgaria with the support of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Bulgaria. Speaking about close cooperation of BSU with Sophia State University rector talked about intended activities in the direction of strengthening these relations in the future, congratulated participants of the meeting on the occasion of Novruz holiday.