Translation Problems research laboratory has started its work on September 10, 2003, under the academician Kamal Mehti ogli Abdullayev in accordance with the order №777 of Azerbaijan Ministry of Education dated on September 8, 2003, in Baku Slavic University. The main directions of the laboratory work are selection of works from the series «Philologist Library – 100», «Turkology», «World prose» and «Azerbaijan Studies», the translation and typing on the computer, editing and publishing, as well as preparation for publication of «Azerbaijan translation encyclopedia». Since the laboratory opening there has been translated to the Azerbaijani language and published a number of books from the series «Philologist Library – 100», «Turkology», «World prose» and «Azerbaijan Studies»: «Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poetics» (M.Bakhtin, 2005), «Introduction to general linguistics» (E.Koseriu, 2006),
        «Language and thought» (Noam Khomsky, 2006), «The logic of myths» (Y.E.Golosovker, 2006), «Hilyatul-insan va halbatul-lisan» (Sayyid Ahmad ibn Jamaleddin Myuhanna, 2008), «Selected works» (Ahmed Jafaroglu, 2008), «Nobel Prize winners for literature» (Vilayat Guliyev, 2009), «Kernel of a walnut» (Leo Anninsky, 2011), «Myths and legends of Ancient Greece» (N.A.Kun, 2012), Javad Heyat introduces: Bertrand Russell «History of western philosophy» (2012), «The history begins in Shumer» (Samuel N.Kramer, 2012), «Fascism» (Zhelyu Zhelev, 2005), «Goatling in the milk» (Yuri Polyakov, 2006), «Stories» (Boris Evseev, 2008), «Azerbaijan is the Caucasian tiger» (Ivan Palchev, 2009), «Guide book to Azerbaijan» (Alimardan bey Topchubashov, 2010).
          In addition, much work was carried out on preparation of «Azerbaijan translation encyclopedia» which is in press now. The encyclopedia gives detailed information about the translation on the whole and the history of the Azerbaijani translation as well as about the life and works of the Azerbaijani translators.