The first issue of the “Student World” was printed on November 9,2000. University teachers, candidates for master’s degree, and students publish their articles, poems, and translations under different headings in every issue of “Student World” newspaper. Under different headings such as “Refresh your memory”, “Guess it!”, “Do you know that?”, “You have to know this”, “This is our homeland”, “Blood memory of our history”, “Slavic world”, “Call from the past”, “ The Nobel Laureates”, “The well of wisdom”, “From famous people’s life”, “Traditional medicine”, “Great mysteries of the society”, and others one can get extensive information about the society, politics, culture, history, science, and оther issues. Moreover, the newspaper enlightens all university events, and meetings. At the end of the academic year the “Student World” newspaper announces a contest under the headings: “The way the students see the world” and “Talented students”. The works of these contests are displayed, and the winners get diplomas.