The Department of Practice and Career Development of Graduates of the Baku Slavic University was established taking into account the requirements of the relevant articles of the Action Plan approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan with a view to implement the State Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan, relevant legislative acts in the field of education, and the Carrying out of practice on a speciality of students of the higher (average special) educational institutions », approved by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic № 221 dated September 19, 2008, a letter of recommendation of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic about the necessity of graduates and career offices of the Charter of BSU "BSU Concept Development 2017-2022 years

     The main tasks of the department are:

- to organize the production and pedagogical practice of university students at the undergraduate and graduate level in accordance with the current regulations and curriculum;

- to establish, regulate and develop the university's relationship with the labor market;

- identify, together with the relevant departments, forms and methods for improving the quality and improving the organization of practical training for students;

- to form the basis of pedagogical and industrial practice;

- conclude agreements with state bodies, educational institutions and enterprises on cooperation in matters of practical training of students;

- organize meetings, exhibitions and fairs in order to advertise university specialties and provide employment for our graduates.

- present the current and future plans of the department's activities to the rector and at least once a year the report to the Academic Council.

     We continue to cooperate with our local and foreign partners, establish new ties with scientific, educational, cultural and production organizations that are not indifferent to our student youth.