Electronic Resources Management Department, along with other department operates at the Baku Slavic University.

     Department reports directly to the Rector of the University and its activities are regulated according to the law of Republic of Azerbaijan on Education adopted in 2005, the Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 23, 2010 № 75 «On approval of the state standard and higher education programs», «Rules of the organization of educational process in higher educational institutions of the republic at the level of undergraduate and graduate credit system», approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Respublic of Azerbaijan dated      December 24, 2013 № 348,» credit transfer system in Europe «,»Translation Rules, exclusions and the recovery of the academic leaves for students at the bachelor›s and Master›s level of higher education institutions» and other legal-normative acts.

     Electronic Resources Management Department bases its activities on the requirements of the credit system in accordance with the direction of action, the type and characteristics of the work and regulates the electronic education management issues («Electronic University»), the organization of educational process, respectively, information and communication technologies, as well as issues of registration and evaluation.

     Functions of the department

1. Formation of the academic profiles of the teaching staff of the University.
2. The standard forms prepared by the documents of the educational process drawn up for the requirements of the credit system in Europe.
3. Coding of faculties, departments, teachers and students for the requirements of the credit system in Europe.
4. Electronization of educational journals, to assist them software operation and provide the necessary technical support.
5. Formation of teachers according to the students› option.
6. The lessons of the faculty of using interactive whiteboards.
7. Placement of academic information and graduation rates of university graduates on the electronic portal of the Ministry of Education.
8. Placement of textbooks, teaching aids and teachers lectures on e-governance portal university education.
9. Ensure the functioning of tutors.
10. Organization of summer school for students.
11. Management of data placement and the provision of technical support in the operation of the official website of BSU.
12. Coordinate the relationship of the structural units of the university, access to information and data sharing.
13. To carry out a mutual and joint work on the modules available in the e-learning management system and coordinate the joint work of tutors, teachers and students.
14. Provide training on measurement standards of quality in the university and provision of the analytical and statistical reports.
15. To organize distance learning, organization of business web conferences, online meetings and international video conferences.