The department of students and graduates affairs operates at Baku Slavic University alongside with other departments. The department accomplishes the registration of bachelors and educational documents, reception of personal business, contracting with students who study on the basis of state order and give diplomas to the graduates of bachelor and master degrees, diploma supplements, medical certificates and other educational documents from The department of Directors of State Examination Centre.

     Giving duplicate diplomas, diploma supplements and medical certificates that have been lost, writing off and achiving with special act of important documents, getting information about all the graduates and realizing destination of graduates (if it is demanded by The Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic) are also realized at this department.

     The department of students and graduates affairs of Baku Slavic University accomplishes all demands of Student-Graduate State Electronic İnformation System since 2010.

     The educational reforms in recent years and appliance of world experience made some problems, such as, working with students and graduates, their supply with jobs, progress in their activity and creating relations with labor institutions as an important factor. In order to carry out systematic work in this important area of activity in the department, staff training was designed to bring it closer to the labor market.

     The duty of the Department is to help with training of specialists according to the demands and needs of labor market, and to attract attention to the development of students’ career and social life of university.

     The meetings with graduates are arranged every year. The students who have been very active and most successful are awarded with the diploma of “honorary graduate” for their activity in the scientific and public life of the university.