Ministry of Education set up “Sabah” center in accordance with the new project in the Universities in order to improve the quality of higher education, provide personnel training according to modern requirements, create new atmosphere in the higher education system.

Here, teaching has been organized for students based on new and modern teaching methods and technologies on  “ Foreign language ( Russian language) teacher” specialty.

“SABAH”  creates  new opportunities for students:

 Training highly qualified specialists with the requirements of a fast-growing economy

 Expanding cooperation projects,  scientific research, practice and student exchanges with the world's leading universities in the field of higher education.

Creating new opportunities for youth, support for their personal and professional development.

“SABAH”   gives advantages to students:

Additional scholarship for all students

Free dormitory and meal for 3 times

Foreign exchange programs

Development of intellectual and creative potential

Training and experience in the modern institutions and companies

SABAH groups have started to function since August , 2015. Currently, 32 students study in the II and III courses of Sabah groups having one group in each one, on  “ Foreign language ( Russian language) teacher” specialty.

II course  – 15  students

III course – 17 students



Students of BSU-SABAH take an active part in the events organized by Sabah center

Students of BSU-SABAH are active volunteers

SABAH student forum

In the master classes held by Sabah centers

info tours

in the other events held by Sabah centers



Classes are held in the auditorium with the use of modern technologies:



Additional lessons:



They differ with creative thoughts on national holidays:



      Our students are active participants of SABAH-DEBATE, and it helps students form their own opinions and speeches on the subject, defend their ideas. This year Sabah of BSU has been represented by 2 teams. Although the second courses take part in the debate for the first time, they have won up to a quarter final.



    Every year teachers who have recently passed interview participate in the trainings at ADA University on the initiative of Ministry of Education and  the Executive Committee of SABAH groups for preparation to the academic year. At the same time they represent BSU-SABAH in the trainings held in foreign countries for teachers’ individual development.



    This project, however, does not thoroughly develop the students but also increases the qualification of teachers and staff who make effort to improve the quality of education in our country.



                                           Let’s start a successful career with Sabah!