The Center of the Polish language and culture was established with the assistance of the government and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Baku and was opened on the 9th of November, 2006 by Bogdan Borusevich, the Chairman of the Republic of Poland.
The center disposes well-equipped room and library that provides literature of wide range themes comprising the history and culture of Poland.
    The main purpose of the center is to develop cultural relations between Azerbaijan and Poland to bring culture, education, enlightenment and science of both countries within the reach of young people and to improve the educational process of Polish studies.
     Students specializing in the Polish language and culture as well as those who are interested in it or any aspect of its history, culture, art and others can use the opportunities offered by the Center of the Polish Language and Culture.
    The Center organizes cultural activites, dispute-clubs and lectures by guests from Poland.