Tagiev Mamed Tagi

He was a great scientist, and his works were famous in the international sphere. He was a scientist and an encyclopedist, at the same time a great founder of the Russian Studies. He made an effective step in the sphere of lexicology, lexicography, phonetics, phraseology, syntaxes, methodology of teaching Russian and linguistics of the text. He was a disciple of an outstanding scientists and academicians as V.V. Vinogradov and N.Y. Shvedov. He had a long way in the field of education from the position of lobarant to rector at the institute of Russian language and literature named after M.F.Akhundov. He had a great role in developing the Russian linguistics in Azerbaijan. About 120 of his works had been printed for about 40 years (1954–1994). And also the followings as «A brief Russian-Azerbaijani phraseological vocabulary» (1964), «Verbal Phraseology of the modern Russian Language» (1966), «Russian-Azerbaijani phraseological dictionary» (1974), «Linguistical problems of studing the Russian Language in the sphere of being the international one» (1986), «Russian Language» (text book for the 9-th form of the azerbaijani secondary schools), «Russian Language» (text book for the 10-th form of the azerbaijani secondary schools), «Russian Language» (text book for the 11-th form of the azerbaijani secondary schools). Professor M.T.Tagiev was the founder and leader of Vocabulary section of a Great Azerbaijan-Russian dictionary, consisting of 2 parts.

M.T.Tagiev created phrase logical school in Azerbaijan. 20 PHD and 3 doctoral dissertations were written by the leadership of him (F.G.Guseynov, T.Shukyurov, A.Mammadli).

He got PhD degree in 1954 and doctoral in 1967; And became a professor in 1968. In the years of 1970–1972 he was a rector of the institute. Within the two decades Azerbaijani schools worked under the programme of M.T.Tagiev and some text books had been written on the basis of it.