The chair of Turkology has been functioning since 2001. The aim of this chair is to prepare national staff with Azerbaijanism and Turkism ideology. The chair trains future professional teachers and turkologists.
     The chair covers philology faculty, international relations and country study, pedagogics and translation faculty, department of Masters degree education. The chair of Turkology has wide activity sphere and deliver lessons both at Bachelor and Master degree. Demo lessons and mutual lesson hearings of different teachers are attended every month and analysis and discussions are held regarding these lessons.
     The following subjects are taught at Bachelor and Master degree: «Introduction to turkology», «Comparative grammar of Turkish languages», «Stylistics», «Language of ancient turkish written monuments», «The history of language», «Dialecthology», «Rhetorics», «Ancient alphabet», «Onomastics and Azerbaijan language», «Stylistics of the Azerbaijaniani language», «Text language», «Lingua poetics». «The circle of young turkologists» is functions at this chair.