The Chair was established in 2005 as Journalism and Azerbaijan Literature department and divided in 2009 into 2 branches. Now the chair functions in three main directions:
     The following subjects are taught at Bachelor and Master degree: «Azerbaijan Literature in Ancient and Medieval period», «Azerbaijan Literature of XIX Century», «Azerbaijan Literature of XX Century», «Post-Soviet Azerbaijan Literature», «Folklore», «Literature of Turkic Peoples», «Courses on Literary Studies», «Comparative Literature», «Technique of Teaching of Azerbaijan Literature», «Cultural Genome of modern-day people in the mirror of medieval texts».
   This chair works in some scientific directions: Social and Cultural Anthropology in Literature; Cultural Genome samples through Literature; Azerbaijan Literature and Modern Literary Criticism Studies; Azerbaijan Literature in Context of World Literature.
The chair holds the research work of the poets and writers who lived in the territory of our country in the medieval times and prepares the research works and textbooks about them.
     The chair of Azerbaijan literature also researches the problems of Azerbaijan literature in the comparison with the World literature.