The chair of the Modern Azerbaijani language was established according to the Resolution in 2010 of the Board of Studies at the Baku Slavic University on the basis of the chair of the Azerbaijani language and its teaching methods.
    Main directions of the scientific work realized by the chair are as follows:
    Theoretical problems of the modern Azerbaijani language;
    Practical issues of the Azerbaijani language;
    Teaching issues of the Azerbaijani language;
    Speech culture issues;
    Country studies etc.
    The Objective of the chair of the Modern Azerbaijani language is to learn thoroughly theoretical and practical disciplines directed to the development of the Azerbaijani language, which is the State language of the Azerbaijan Republic, to teach it to the high standards, to organize publication of textbooks, teaching guides, scientific methodological instructions and syllabus, to develop scientific level of teachers, who are capable to train professional staff of a high intelligence level. At the same time, the chair puts an aim to accomplish scientific-research works oriented to study and research of the individual areas of the Azerbaijani language.