The Chair of Slavic Philology has been operating since 2000. The teachers of the Chair take lessons in the faculties both of Regional Studies and Translation.
     Master classes are given by the experts invited from Slavic countries. Currently, Dmitruk Katazyna invited from Poland Republic take lessons in the Polish section. The scientific directions of the Department: Slavic-Turkish literary relations
     The teaching methods of Slavic languages The issues of learning of Slavic languages in Azerbaijan.
     By these directions, regularly the seminars are held, dissertations, textbooks, vocabularies, programs are prepared at the Department, in the international and national scientific conferences are taken part. In addition the staffs of the Department translate different materials from Slavic languages into Azerbaijani and Russian. One of the important  scientific directions of the Department is related to the projects about learning of Slavic languages taught at the Department according to the project «Russian in Azerbaijan» in Azerbaijan.