In 2008 on the base of «International Relations» chair, was the chair of «Diplomacy and foreign policy» established.
«Diplomacy and foreign policy» chair is actively involved in the scientific and social life of the BSU and is one of the leading chairs of the Faculty of «International Relations». The educational process carried out in a variety of scientific fields (foreign policy, diplomacy, international law), is conducted by highly qualified professors and teaching staff. They have all the necessary professional qualities, which are necessary to students for future professional careers. To improve the quality of the educational process close ties are maintained with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
     Research fields:
1. History of Diplomacy
2. Diplomacy
3. Foreign policy
4. National security
5. International law
6. Foreign policy of Azerbaijan
7. International human rights law
     The following subjects are taught at Bachelor and Master degree: «Azerbaijan’s foreign policy», «International Private Law», «International Public law», «Diplomatic and consular service», «Theory of Government and Rights», «Diplomatic Protocol», «Theory of national security», «Foreign Policy of Russia», «International human rights law», «Modern diplomacy», «International Relations of certain countries (Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey)», «Law and legal bases of tourist activity», «Energy Diplomacy in contemporary international relations», «Modern Caucasian policy», «History of Diplomacy of Azerbaijan», «National Security basics of the Azerbaijan Republic», «Foreign Policy of European countries», «Azerbaijan and international organizations», «Diplomatic and Consular Law», «Diplomacy of Azerbaijan», «International agreements», «International Negotiations», «Peaceful ways of international disputes settling», «Diplomatic and consular services of foreign states», «The diplomatic documents and correspondence», «Regional international relations and foreign policy of Azerbaijan», «Diplomatic Service in the region», «Regional National security», «East Diplomacy of Azerbaijan», «South-Caucasian policy of the USA». «Young diplomat» scientific society operates at the bases of the chair. With the participation of students and professionals «Young diplomat» has repeatedly held events dedicated to topical issues of diplomacy and foreign policy.