The chair of Theory and practice of translation has been functioning since 1984 and is engaged in the teaching theory and practice of translation from Russian into Azerbaijani, and also working out theoretical and practical problems, teaching and analyzing comparative typology of the Russian and Azerbaijani languages, which are theoretical and practical basis of translation.
     The main scientific directions of the chair:
The research in the main direction of professional translation.
Conducting research in the field of comparative linguistics and literature studies.
İnvestigation of fiction, oral, publicistic, scientific-technical and official-business translation.
İnvestigation of the history of translation and methodology.
İnvestigation of contemporary problems of translation.
     The following subjects are taught at Bachelor and Master degree: «The theory of translation», «Translation», «Translation mastering (artistic translation, translation of political-social texts», «Scientific-technical translation», «Oral translation)», «»Written translation», «Basis of professional translation», «Documentation and terminology», «Teaching methods of translation at high schools», «Theoretical basis of translation», «History and methodology of translation», «Specification of literary translation», «Specification of political translation», «Contemporary problems of translation», «Specification of poetic translation».