The chair has been functioning since 2009 (But as the Chair of The Foreign Languages was founded in 1962).
      Scientific Direction:
      English Literature.
      Teaching of the English Methodology.
The following subjects are taught at Bachelor and Master degree: «Practical English», «Practical Phonetics», «Practical Lexics», «Theoretical Phonetics», «Lexicology»,«Methodics (Teaching of the English Methodology)», «Dialectology», «Linguistic Typology», «The Theory and Practice of Translation», «Academic Writing and Reading», «Culturology», «Comparative Grammar and Translation», «The Foreign Language (English Philology)», «Methods and methodology of teaching English».
     The chair operates Conversation Club for the students of the chair of English Philology, conducted by foreign experts.
The members of the chair regularly take part in the trainings and programs, carried out by the British Council and the American Embassy specialists and have mutual discussions on education and studies.