The chair was founded in 1946 and has been running under various names at different times: chair of the Russian Soviet literature; chair of the Russia of literature and foreign literature; Russian literature and the literature of the peoples of the USSR; chair of the Russian literature № 1, 2, 3, 4; chair of the Russian literature and methods of its teaching; chair of the classic Russian literature; chair of the modern Russian literature. Since 2016, it has been called as chair of history of the Russian literature.
     The Scientific profiles of the chair are as follows:
History and poetics of the russian literature; Russian-Azerbaijani literary relations; Issues of teaching methods of literature.
     The following subjects are taught at Bachelor and Master degree: «Folk literature»,
«Ancient and XVIII century Russian literature», «XIX century Russian literature», «XX century Russian literature», «Teaching methods of literature», «Literature for children», «Poetics of the Russian litearture», «Evolution of literary-theoreticl thought, human issues in classic liiterature», «Theoretical issues of teaching of the Russian literature», «Subjects and issues of XX century Russian literature», «Teaching methods of literature at high schools», «The features of F.M.Dostoyevski’s creativity and a system of characters», «Issues of disillusionment in the Russian literature», «Gender issue in XIX century Russian literature», «Russian posmodernism», «Marina Svetayeva’s creativity and silver age», «Poetry of silver age», «Russian migration literature», «Issue of modern human in literature», «Types of scientific research».