The chair of Primary education of the Baku Slavic University has been operating since May 30, 2003.
     The following subjects are taught in the department: «Pedagogy», «Pedagogy of primary education», «Native language-I (Phonetics)», «Native language- II (Lexicology)», «Native language -III (Morphology)», «Native language –IV (Syntax)», «Principles of Speech Culture», «Methods of teaching the native language», «Music and its teaching methods», «Nature study and its teaching methods», «Environmental education», «The forms and means of evaluation of the results in education», «Art and its teaching methods», «Physical education and its teaching methods», «Technology and its teaching methods», «Logopedia», Stylistics, Environmental education, Teacher’s professional ethics, The history of the teaching of mother tongue, The research and application of mother tongue, Comparative pedagogy, The theoretical basis of the methods of the native language in primary classes.
     Students at the university are involved in scientific-methodical associationsand take an active part in the organization of the exhibitions held by the department. There are 2 circles functioning at he chair: «The educator» and «Natural Sciences».