The chair of pedaqogics and psychology was founded in1946 since the foundaction of the Russian language and literature institute. In 1956 the chair was divided into two independent chairs the chair of pedagogy and the chair of psychology .
     Research areas of the chair are the following:
the formation of theory and practice of education of the secondary and professional schools;
the history of school and pedagogy;
the creativity psychology.
     The following subjects are taught at Bachelor and Master degree: «Pedagogy», «The history of pedagogy», «General psychology», «Etnopsychology», «Family pedagogy», «Pedagogical psychology», «Anatomy, psychology and school hygiene», «Development psychology», «Social pedagogics», «Social psychology», «Psychopedagogics», «Social psychology and social pedagogics», «Methods of educational work», «Pedagogics of high school», «Social psychology», «Special pedagogy», «Conflictology», «Principles of education management», «Modern problems of pedagogy», «Principles of pedagogical proficiency».