BSU representatives attended training in Austria

     On 5-9 March, the Vienna-based Vienna University of Applied Sciences hosted the third training within the ERASMUS + International Exchange Program "Improving Education and Training at Azerbaijani Universities" under the PETRA (Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Azerbaijani Universities) project.

     The training was attended by 5 European universities and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, including representatives of 8 universities.

     Representatives of the Baku Slavic University (BSU), pro-rector on scientific affairs, prof. Rafig Novruzov, Head of International Relations Department, Ulviyya Abbasova, Ph.D., and Natavan Babayeva, Senior Teacher of English Philology Chair.

     The conference devoted to exchange of experience with European Universities in the field of teaching and training in higher education institutions, as well as the improvement of scientific researches covered a number of topics.

      The project, co-ordinated by Valencia Polytechnic University, included presentations on research and development in Azerbaijan and Austria, participation in the European Union's Horizon 2020 Program, Research and Development in Vienna University of Applied Sciences, doctorate education in Azerbaijan, ERASMUS + NIZAMI project. The 5-day intensive training program focused on the organization of seminars and conferences, cooperation with international organizations and other areas.

     At the end, representatives of Azerbaijani universities participating in trainings and seminars were presented with relevant certificates from the Vienna University of Applied Sciences.