A conference on pedagogy and production experience of BSU students was held


     A conference dedicated to the pedagogical and practical experience of students was held at the Baku Slavic University on 19 February.

     Speaking at the conference, Rector of the BSU, Professor Nurlana Aliyeva gave her recommendations and instructions to the young people preparing to start a new life. He said that graduates who have already left college years will work in different teams in the coming days, communicate with different people, and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

     During the production and pedagogical practice N. Aliyeva noted that the attitude of each practitioner to the work will be written on behalf of the university, its professor-teacher staff and urged them to be disciplined and to be responsible for the work. The rector noted that many of the graduates were recruited in enterprises where they had been employed in manufacturing and pedagogical practice, and began to pursue careers in these organizations and today are influential in the society. N. Aliyeva called on young people to protect national and moral values in the institutions they work and to bring the best traditions of our people to those structures. Addressing the young women, the Rector of the BSU stressed that the future of Azerbaijan depends on them, urging them to be dignified, steadfast, and to pursue the path of sincere, brave mothers and sisters. N. Aliyeva said she was eager to hear the pleasant surprise of all the young people who will start their work in the coming days and wished them every success.


    Professor Telman Jafarov, pro-rector on academic affairs of the University, who attended the conference, started his speech with some facts. He said that graduates of BSU between 2013 and 2017 are working in different fields today. He noted the importance of considering the results of certain analyzes in the future of the university. T. Jafarov wished success to young people who are in the production and pedagogical experience.

     Then the floor was given to deans of faculties. Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Regional Studies, Associate Professor Shirinbay Aliyev recalled that the students, who were sent to the production and pedagogical practice, will soon represent BSU in various institutions and organizations and to be an example, an example in their organizations. Dean of the Pedagogical Faculty, Professor Flora Naciyeva, noted that the name of the teacher is honorable and it is important to protect this name not only in audiences, but also everywhere. Dean of the Translation Faculty, Professor Fidan Gurbanova, Dean of the Azerbaijan Philology and Journalism Faculty, Associate Professor Nurida Novruzova, Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Foreign Language Teaching Gultakin Aliyeva gave the students the necessary recommendations and wished them successes.

     At the end, the head of the Career Development and Student Career Department, Associate Professor Yasar Alkhasov gave specific information on the organization and enterprises to conduct production and pedagogical practice, the experience, duration and other issues. She said that for the first time this year, she has prepared a new diary and magazine for students.

BSU Press Service