The Public Confederation Council was established in BSU


     The Public Confederation Council was established on 24 January at the Baku Slavic University to ensure objective assessment of knowledge, transparency and impartiality of students and parents' appeals during the year and exam sessions. The expert on education, Professor Shahlar Askerov was elected as coordinator of the council. Trend News Agency's Deputy Director for Corporate Development Arzu Naghiyev, Chairman of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society Novruz Aslanov, MP, honored journalist Sahib Aliyev, director of the Department of Youth, Science, Education Rauf Rajabov, Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, Editor-in-chief Vugar Rahimzadeh, correspondent of "525th newspaper" Sevinj Murtadzizi became members of the board.

     The members of the Public Confidence Building Board exchanged views on the real situation of our education and further activities of the Council and improvement of teaching quality at the round table attended by the members of the Public Confederation Council, Rector of the BSU, Professor Nurlana Aliyeva, Pro-Rectors Rafig Novruzov, Telman Jafarov, Ms. Sultanova and Head of Public Relations Ibrahim Guliyev .

     Speaking at the event, the rector of the BSU briefly briefed the members of the board about the construction works carried out at the university and the measures taken to improve the moral environment. He emphasized that public opinion plays a very important role in our society, and that objective and transparent provision is under social control. The rector said that the council members were always looking at the university, not just during the exam session.

     Professor Shahlar Askerov, MP Novruz Aslan and others, along with the BSU's field of education, have a significant role in the socio-political life of our country and the expansion of cooperation with the Slavic states of Azerbaijan. They appreciated the relationships of ambassadors from different countries with BSU and emphasized the importance of spreading this experience to other universities.

     Then members of the Public Trust Board visited the audience to watch the exam process. They took part in examinations of IV year students of the Faculty of Pedagogy, masters and gave their recommendations to the young people after a brief questionnaire. The members of the council also watched the state exam process on the basics of medical knowledge.

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