A seminar was held in BSU


     An event dedicated to the World Day against AIDS was held at Baku Slavic University on November 30 within the framework of the Stop AIDS project of the Center for Combating Obstetric Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Speaking at the event, doctor therapist Güneş Jafarova told about the demands of HIV infection prevention and awareness-raising campaign in order to increase the level of knowledge in this field. The doctor-therapist spoke about the history and discovery of AIDS, explaining the difference in the syndrome of HIV infection, she talked about medical, social, demographic, moral and other problems created by the disease. Then a video about AIDS was demonstrated and questions were answered.

     Vice-rector for education, dosent Khanim Sultanova called on the youth to be actively involved in HIV-infected people, to attract attention to this problem, to promote healthy lifestyles and to avoid harmful habits.

     Within the framework of the campaign, the employees of the Center for Combating AIDS have conducted laboratory tests for students, and the students have been examined on a voluntary basis.


BSU Press Service