Scientific seminar was held at BSU


      On November 30, in the conference hall of the II building of the BSU, a scientific seminar on " Errors in advertising texts" was held. The Den of the Azerbaijan Philology and Journalism Department, dosent Nurida Novruzova, the Head of modern Azerbaijani language department, professor Ikram Gasimov, the Head of the Turkology Department, Doctor of Philology Shaban Huseynov, the Head of the Department of Journalism dosent Shalala Hasanova, dosent of the Azerbaijani language department Shakar Orujova, docent of Journalism department Mubariz Ahmadov, chief teacher of Journalism Department Ahmed Asker and students participated in the seminar.

     Dean of the faculty Nurida Novruzova welcomed the participants of the seminar, giving general information about the protection of the Azerbaijani language and expressions and words that are incorrect in the advertising texts.

     Professor Ikram Gasimov, speaking extensively on the gross mistakes in advertising texts, said that everyone had a duty to protect their mother tongue and that there was no language no nation. He conveyed to the participants of the seminar the attention of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev to the issue of language protection. Reflecting on grammar, lexicon, and phonetic rules on advertising boards and tapes, Ikram Gasimov mentioned examples of language violations such as "Soft Toys", "Coraffs," "Blurry Cleanliness of the Oral Space" and "When Acute Power Is Not You" also noted that these advertising texts are not clear.

     At the seminar, the head teacher of the Journalism Department, Ahmed Asker spoke about 25 years of advertising in Azerbaijan.

     The head of the Journalism Department, Shalala Hasanova, emphasized the importance of advertising specialists and said that courses on advertising were held for students studying in the journalism specialty at BSU.

     After the speeche an interesting exchange of views was held by the students