A scientific workshop held on the International Day of Tolerance at BSU


      A scientific workshop dedicated to the 16th of November – the International Day of Tolerance organized by the chair of the “Azerbaijan Multiculturalism”, the chair of “International Relations”, “Further Education And Training Department”, the faculty of “International Relations And Regional Studies” was held at Baku Slavic University on November 20. 

     The event began with the playing of National Anthem of Azerbaijan Republic in which vice-rector for educational affairs, Associate Professor Khanim Sultanova  informed that the root of Azerbaijani tolerance goes to the deep layers of the history. Vice-rector also emphasized that our nation has treated to other nationalities with respect.  K. Sultanova denoted that Azerbaijan should be a model to the world where nationalities live as a family in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility irrespective of their national, religion, ethnic identity,

     The head of the chair of the “Azerbaijan Multiculturalism“, associate professor Sevda Akhundova spoke about the history of “International Tolerance Day” having a speech on the theme of “The Analysis of the understanding about the tolerance”. He noted that the aim of establishment of “International Day for Tolerance” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of UNESCO is a call to live as kind neighbours showing a tolerant attitude mutually as affirmed in the declaration of the organization. S.Akhundova analyzed the thoughts of philosophers around the world from the ancient times to the modern age.

     The Associate Professor of the chair of “International Relations”, Shahla Nuruzada delivered a lecture entitled “Tolerance and ethnic factor”. Shahla Nuruzada spoke about the role of tolerance in the development of nations existing throughout the history. After speaking about the acceptance of the interstate tolerance S. Nuruzada also gave interesting information about the problem of migration and tolerance to the attendants.

     Then the report by Nuhbala Aliyev, the student of the faculty of “International Relations and Regional Studies” entitled “The History of Tolerance and Tolerance in Azerbaijan” was heard.

Translated by Gunay Hajizada