Presentation of books in Russian at Baku Slavic University

     On May 20, Baku Slavic University organized presentation of manual “Literature” for fifth grades of Azerbaijani schools where the Russian language is taught and books “In the country of the Russian language” and “A resource for Teachers”.

     Vice rector of University, professor Telman Jafarov gave information about working process on books “Literature” and “A resource for Teachers”, advantage of publications. It was mentioned that new requirements were taken into account during preparation of manual and methodical recourse.

     Then authors of books Bahar Bagirli, BSU staff Ilaha Jarchiyeva, Matanat Nadirli, Naiba Karimli, professor David Gosiridze who represented Georgia highlighted that manual and methodical recourse are valuable sources for the Russian language learners.

     Rector of BSU, professor Nurlana Aliyeva, president of International Association of Teachers of Russian language and Literature and Russian Academy of Education Ludmila Verbitskaya, professor of State Institute of the Russian language named after A.Pushkin, editor of journal “The Russian language abroad” Irina Orekhova shared their opinions about book and notified that changes in the Russian language of the presented publications and ongoing processes in the language related to scientific-technical development were taken into consideration.