The film “Fitnə” was demonstrated at BSU


     On April 8, presentation of the documentary film “Fitnə” dealing with religious radicalism and victims of this movement ordered by State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held at Baku Slavic University (BSU).

     Making a speech after the demonstration of film, chairman of State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, Member of Parliament Mubariz Gurbanli stressed the great enlightening importance of this documentary film in the sphere of protecting young people from the effects of religious radicalism. Chairman of the Committee stated that State Committee made documentary film “Fitnə” in order to avoid the young from falling under the influence of radical religious movements and inform all sections of society on the consequences of religious radicalism. Giving the young some advice, Mubariz Gurbanli spoke about religious, psychological, legal, political and moral aspects of radicalism. He brought attention to the film “Şəhadət” that will be shot as continuation of this film, answered the students’ questions comprehensively.

     Rector of BSU, professor Nurlana Aliyeva, in her speech, mentioned the importance of shooting such kind of enlightening films and holding more events in this direction. Highlighting again the importance of existing stability, peaceful living in Azerbaijan, Rector  appealed to the young to serve for his Motherland who is leaving it under the enemy occupation and going abroad to fight. Reminding National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s word, Nurlana Aliyeva said: “There is nothing apart from morality!”

     At the end students’ thoughts on the film “Fitnə” were listened, Quran was presented to the student who made the best speech.

  BSU Press Service