BSU delegation visited Bulgaria

     Under the leadership of the rector of Baku Slavic University (BSU), professor Nurlana Aliyeva, the delegation consisting of vice-rectors visited the Republic of Bulgaria. BSU administration met with the mayor of Veliko Turnovo city of Bulgaria, Daniel Panov and the deputy mayor Gancho Karabadjakov.

     Expressing pleasure of meeting Azerbaijani guests Daniel Panov talked about a 25 year friendship relations between Azerbaijan and Bulgaria. Mayor highlighted that relations between two countries are based on a friendship relation, mutual respect and interest throughout the history, numerous large scale projects are implemented between our states. Saying that not only political but also scientific and cultural relations bind Azerbaijan and Bulgaria, D.Panov highly appreciated studying the Bulgarian language, history and culture at Baku Slavic University which teaches Slavic languages.

     Speaking about the aim of visit to Bulgaria on the eve of Novruz holiday, rector of BSU, professor Nurlana Aliyeva informed that propaganda of national traditions, cultural heritage of Azerbaijan in this country is an important step taken by Baku Slavic University. Informing about the activity of Bulgarian language and Cultural Center founded in 2004 at Baku Slavic University, rector noted that more than 50 students study in Bulgarian, learn history and culture of Bulgaria. Talking about the partnership of BSU with the leading Universities of Bulgaria, rector noted that Azerbaijani students show special interest in history, ethnography, economic and cultural life of Bulgaria.

     Then BSU delegation was in the Architectural Museum Preserve “Trapezitsa”  in Veliko Turnovo city restored with the support of Heydar Aliyev Fund.