Journal «Russian language and literature in Azerbaijan», began to publish in 1947 under the title «To help teachers of the Russian language in the non-Russian school.» At first this publication was a supplement to the journal «Azerbaijaan mektebi» («Azerbaijan school»), issued by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan SSR, and as a matter of fact, it was the first scientific and methodological publication in our country to study the Russian language. From October 1949 until 1970 the journal began to be published under the title «Russian language and literature in the non-Russian school», and in 1970 it was renamed the «Russian language and literature in Azerbaijani school.» The first editor of the publication was a specialist in Russian language A.G.Dahnovich, scientist, who had worked there more than a quarter century- since its foundation until 1973. Then he was replaced by M.T.Tagiev (1973-1976), A.N.Klimov (1976-1980). In 1979, the journal became an independent monthly educationalmethodological journal of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan. From 1980 to 1993, L.N.Babaeva, then, after a short pause – professor Ch.A.Bedalov became a chief editor of the journal. (1997-2002). In 1985, the journal got its present name – «Russian language and literature in Azerbaijan», which is publishing as nowadays. All these years the journal covers mainly problems of Russian language and literature, teaching and learning methods at schools and universities, actual problems of literary criticism, literary history and Russian- Azerbaijani literary relations. But in 2003, the journal has undergone a qualitative transformations. Preserving scientific and methodical character, it also became a cultural and social publishing. Being published under the editorship of professor A.M.Mamedli (2003-2006), then professor M.K.Kodzhaev (2006-2010), the journal has become widely distributed in the CIS countries. Materials covering a wide range of issues, e.g. the methodology and pedagogy, linguistics, history and theory of literature. The journal began to publish scientific articles of scientists from many different countries –former soviet and foreign ones. Due to widening the profile and the thematic range of the journal began to be published more materials about meetings of prominent international public figures and statesmen, poets, writers, scientists and artists with the teachers and students of Baku Slavic University. Since 2011, the journal began a new stage of development. It’s editor in chief became professor F.S. Nadzhieva. Journal has been completely renovated, it began to be published in color format, and changed its design, that is modern standards. Changes took place not only in the shape, but also in the content of the journal, its general concept. The journal publishes the works of contemporary Azerbaijan (writing in Russian) and Russian authors, the materials on the latest issues of linguistics and literary studies, in particular, on the Russian language and literature, literary translation, Media language and advertising. For example, in the updated version of the journal new heading – «Russian literature today» is opened. In this heading is presented the creativity of the most prominent representatives of modern Russian literature. The journal «Russian language and literature in Azerbaijan» is closely associated with leading universities in Russia, such as Moscow State Linguistic University, Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship, Moscow City Pedagogical University, State University of Russian Language by name of A.S. Pushkin, Belgorod State University, Ural Federal University, Russian State Pedagogical University by name of A.Gertsen (St. Petersburg) and many others. Leading experts of these universities – linguists, literary scholars and methodologists periodically publish their articles in the journal. Thus, Azerbaijan readers have an opportunity to acquaint with the most urgent problems of Russian philology and the latest methods in Russian language teaching . The main subscribers and readers of the journal are students, graduate students, doctoral students who have chosen the specialty «Russian» and «Russian literature», various universities of Azerbaijan, first of all, BSU, as well as Azerbaijan’s schools, where Russian language is taught. This interest is shown not only in Baku, but also in different regions of the country. In recent years, great interest in the journal is shown by the departments of Russian language and literature, departments of literary translation in a number of Turkish high schools, where teachers are in need of the academic literature of this kind. Nowdays « Russian language and literature in Azerbaijan « is the «card» is not only of the Baku Slavic University, but also of all Russian Studies and Russian culture in Azerbaijan. And, despite its “considerable” age, the journal is updated every day, and remains true to its main purpose – to be a link in the centuries-old friendship and cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia.