• What is the language of instruction at Baku Slavic University?

All courses at Baku Slavic University are offered in Azerbaijani or Russian languages.


  • Whether non-Russian/Azerbaijani-speaking foreigners can study at Baku Slavic University?

Baku Slavic University offers the Foundation program for foreigners who had never been taught in Azerbaijani or Russian languages.  BSU foundation program for international students have been specifically developed for foreign citizens whose first language is not Azerbaijani or Russian. The foreign citizens need to have completed their secondary education in their home country in order to study on one of our programs. Foundation study takes 1 academic year. Courses are conducted five days per week, 6-8 academic hours per day. International candidates passing the examination at the end of the program are awarded the state-recognizing certificate of completion of the humanitarian specialized Azerbaijani/Russian language course. The certificate is issued by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic. In the 2022/2023 academic year the tuition fees for BSU foundation program is 1000 AZN per year.

            Students of the BSU foundation program have the same rights and opportunities as other students of the Baku Slavic University: opportunity of visiting library and sport sections, dormitory accommodation, supporting temporary residence permit card.


  • Is it possible to apply toBaku Slavic University as a foreigner not taking exams organized by the State Examination Centre?


Yes, foreigners who arenon-residencecitizensin Azerbaijancan apply to Baku Slavic University not taking exams orginized by the State Examination Centre. They must apply for this with the all required documents during the admission period - to the BSU International Students Dean`s Office and pass competitive selection process .


  • I am a citizen of the Russian Federation and graduating secondary school this year in Moscow. I would like to apply to the Baku Slavic University.What should I do?


First of all, it is necessary to be sure that your certificate/diploma is Apostilled in the issued country (Russia) and to get the certificate of statelessness of Azerbaijan Republic issued by the State Migration Service AR before applying to the University. If You have any other questions please contact with BSU International Students Dean`s Office.


  • I am a Turkishcitizen and I have been working in Azerbaijan for about 10 years. I have a card of permanent residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Can Iapply to the Baku Slavic University?

Foreigners, who permanently live in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic must pass the entrance exams orginized by the State Examination Centrein Azerbaijan.