The Russian Cultural – Educational Centre at Baku Slavic University was opened in 2002 with the support of Moscow Government.
     The Center is supplied with the modern equipment: a home cinema, interactive board, and computers. The library of the Center comprised of more than 3000 samples which provide both fiction and scientific literature, teaching and study materials, which are regularly replenished. Classes on Russian language, literature and culture are conducted in the «The Moscow lecture hall» for the students majoring in Russian philology and Russia studies.
    «Moscow lecture hall» is also a place of meetings with interesting people: poets, writers, the representatives of the Russian culture and science. It has become a tradition to hold official events, presentations, seminars, discussions, exhibitions in the Center.
     Commemoration meetings dedicated to the Russian writers and poets, celebrations of significant events in the Russian culture and history, literary evenings are regularly held at «Moscow lecture hall».