Armenia must be held accountable for its crimes

Azerbaijan was committed to the negotiation process for almost 30 years and hoped that the aggressor country Armenia would come to its senses and begin constructive negotiations. However, the aggressor intensified his provocations against Azerbaijan every day. This situation could not last forever and, after another provocation from the Armenian side, Azerbaijan with arms in hands rose to defend its citizens and ancestral lands. Because of the defeats that Armenia is facing on the battlefield, the military-political leadership of the occupying country is violating the norms and the principles of the international law, continues to carry out terror acts against the civilian population of Azerbaijan. For all war crimes committed against the civilian population, Armenia must be held accountable and be punished accordingly. Such acts of vandalism of the aggressor cannot break the spirit of the Azerbaijani people and their valiant army on the battlefield. Under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President of the country Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani army will soon liberate all the occupied lands and the phrase “forced refugees ” will be forever out of circulation in Azerbaijan.

Victory is ours! Long live the valorous Azerbaijan Army! Long live his Supreme Commander-in-Chief! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!


Acting Dean of the Faculty of Translation of  Baku Slavic University         Ph.D. Associate Professor Kamran Hajiyev